The City of Buffalo is well on its way to crafting a new Bailey experience. The 5 mile stretch of prime commercial fairway is undergoing major cosmetic enhancements. The Ken-Bailey business district is the most traveled eastside corridor and has endured systematic dis-investment from the dawning of the industrial decline in Buffalo. Well from what The City of Buffalo department of Public Works can tell the time of Bailey’s devolution is done.

“This is the time to Believe in Bailey”, said Bailey Streetscape Committee member.

The Department of Public Works is taking on the enormous task of redesigning the major eastside commercial corridor. Bailey Avenue has fallen from its days of glory, so recent as the early 70’s and as far back as its initial establishment in the 30’s. With more than nearly half a century passed since significant investment, the infamous area is visual evidence of a life-blustering urban center with a need to harness the its potential for evolution.

Now is the Time for Planning

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Here is how you can become directly involved in the development process.

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