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Bailey Seafood was founded in 1985 out of a passion for fresh seafood. Started out with only one employee, the market quickly grew after customers from the neighborhood realized they can purchase the freshest seafood in Buffalo without having to travel far. Through a lot of hard work and word of mouth, Bailey Seafood quickly anchored itself as one of the best places to get a fast and fresh fish dinner in Buffalo.

We value our ability to bring our customers only the highest quality fish and seafood products. From Northern Canada all the way down to Argentina, we find a way to deliver a never-ending flow of seafood products to our fish cases. We obsess over quality and one-of-a kind menu items that you won’t find anywhere in Buffalo. Come in and try one of our famous Belly Busters or a Haddock Super Sandwich!


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  • Business Name: Bailey Seafood
  • Business Address: 3316 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215
  • Business Phone: (716) 833-1973
  • Hours of Operation:  
    Mon-Thurs: 11:30AM-8PM
    Fri: 9AM-9PM
    Sat: 11:30AM-8PM
    Sun: Closed
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3316 Bailey Avenue Buffalo, NY 14215 (716) 833-1973

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