Business Member Frequently Asked Questions

Not yet. In our initial reestablishment, we are taking the approach of providing value before we require your investment. A manageable monthly fee is likely to be activated, as agreed upon by the majority of the members.

New and established businesses owning or renting commercial, mixed use, or residential property, in which a majority of the business is operated from, either physically or virtually, within the Ken-Bailey and Bailey-Delavan commercial districts.

Yes, though you will not become an official business member until your business is established, you are welcome to join BBA meetings and events.

No. The BBA does not directly provide funds to businesses. However, we connect businesses to funding opportunities.

Every third Wednesday of the month at 8AM and at 6PM. For your scheduling convenience, we offer two session times. The same information is shared at both sessions. There is no need to attend both. We meet in the University District Community Development Association (UDCDA) conference room, located at 995 Kensington Avenue (near Bailey Ave).

The following services are offered to businesses members at no cost:
– Business consultation and planning
– 5-page website development
– Social media setup assistance
– Logo design / redesign
– Flyer design
– Business card design

Please note: design and development services are offered at no cost; however all third party costs (i.e. printing, domain purchase, advertisement placements, etc.) are the sole responsibility of the serviced business.

Essence Sweat, Business Development Director at the UDCDA
Office: (716) 832-1010 ext. 202
Mobile: (716) 222-3885