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Welcome to the home of business related resources. The Bailey Business Association is developed and directed by entrepreneurs, we understand the need for targeted guidance in navigating the vast landscape of professional services. Here is our ever-growing database of private and public companies, foundations, and online platforms at the local, county, state, and national level.

We encourage you to explore each category. Please note that you can view this information as need by visiting this page or downloading the PDF document of  each category to your computer for your records.

Looking to work with a certified minority or women-owned business?

Search M/WBE certified businesses or begin the process of certifying your business here: NEW YORK STATE CONTRACT SYSTEM

Download the complete M/WBE Firm Directory below.


We are in this with you!

We have scoured the internet, made calls, and joined webinars all with the purpose of finding real and relevant Covid-related resources.


Local, state, and federal governments provide a range of small business resources. Here we offer municipalities, departments, and government-based initiatives to help you take required actions and identify supplemental support.


Locate the right insurance for both your business entity and for your commercial property. These local and national companies cover a wide range of your insurance needs, including personal life, vehicle, and renters policies.


Take the precise steps to address legal concerns with specialized practitioners or work with generalized business attorneys to ensure that all of your bases are covered. If it suits you, view our legal library to acquire more knowledge about your matter of concern.


The organization and reporting of your financial affairs are key to maintaining a healthy functioning business. If you are currently or will ever seek funding resources, your financial figures will likely take precedent in the decision outcome.

Human Resources

Connecting with the right people to get the job done is no easy task. Search companies that are in the business of matching people and employment opportunities. View permanent and temporary employment agencies and related human resources, here.


Time to rebuild, renovate, expand, or repair your commercial property? We have curated an near-exhaustive list of local licensed and insured contractors across a myriad of construction categories; from general contractors to highly specialized professionals.


When a prospect becomes a customer and new customer becomes a returning customer, your business has succeed in establishing a memorable and favorable brand. This category is a list of local marketing agencies, media outlets, and helpful marketing social groups.

Professional Development

Continued education is critical in keeping you ahead of the curve. Click here for local in-person and online education and training programs being offered throughout the year; giving you direct access to industry experts and the newest information available.

Business Organizations

Explore the wide range of organizations, both locally and nationally, that are focused on providing support to small businesses in a plethora of areas. This list includes general organizations, as well as women, minority, veteran, youth, and other special populations.


Enjoy top rated and emerging podcasts. These internet “radio” shows offer a refreshing, entertaining, and in-depth perspective on all-things-business. Listen to these broadcasts during your drive time, while taking a break, or at the start and end of your day.

Business Books

The literary world is saturated with business books. We have done some digging to identify the most critically acclaimed publications and best kept secrets of the book world. Purus these hard copy and e-book gems that will enrich your entrepreneurial experience.

Freelance Services

There are millions of people around the world that are talented in producing and providing the exact service you desire at a fraction of what big businesses would charge. These freelancers or independent contractors come together on these platforms.

YouTube Channels

YouTube has become the world’s largest search engine. Companies and private individuals created content specifically for this internet giant. View these channels are revered for their delivery of valuable business information. Like, share, subscribe.


We have compiled a list of active and archived grants available to businesses. If a grant is still open, you can view or download the application on this directory page. If no longer available, bookmark the website and make note of upcoming dates.


There is an innumerable amount of suppliers. Here, we offer you well known and qualified suppliers across various industries. Use this list to reinvigorate your current vendor list, expand your offerings, or strengthen your position in price negotiations.